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Uncovering the Past: Women's Historical Health Timeline

Welcome to EWIH's innovative collection of women pioneers from diverse fields that have CHANGED the health narrative! 


To shed light on important women figures, often ignored or unknown, that have altered Health History - particularly Canadian Health History!

Whether it be Canadians breaking barriers, women from all over the world that have made discoveries that our Canadian health system benefits from, or pioneers that have been FIRSTS to break the way for women in the health field ...

Don't let these women be forgotten.


Do you think we missed someone?

Let us know by contacting us!


Discovering our past is a work in progress, and we are committed to expanding the historical timeline of Canadian health as new past health leaders come to light.  Every week, we add a new profile~

What Comes Next?

The history of healthcare is not over - and women's contributions will only continue to grow.

Every day, thousands of women are climbing up the leadership ladder, making discoveries, starting their careers in health... cementing their place in history. Check out our blog as we follow some of their stories and dive into their research.

The story can also continue with you.


One day, YOU could be the next leader in our Women's Historical Health Timeline. Until then, join our community of aspiring trailblazers and participate in our events with current health leaders to learn from their expert advice on how to navigate your career and maximize your potential

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