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EWIH is committed to fostering a community of growth, self-development, and empowerment. Our events are an opportunity for women to network, skill-build and get mentorship, and discover their power - all which are critical components for preparing aspiring leaders to succeed in their future careers. All of our events are open to any person, whether man or woman, that is interested in building more equitable health systems and environments - a process that can start at any point in their academic journey.

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Standing Together

2022 Networking Summit

Despite substantial efforts across industries, women remain underrepresented in leadership positions, limiting their influence and hindering diversity and gender equity goals. 


“Only 7% of the healthcare sector’s vice president positions and 4 percent of its senior vice president positions are held by women of colour.”

With our EWIH Networking Summit, we hope to connect individuals in the community with female healthcare professionals and mentors, to facilitate an engaging conversation in navigating around barriers, inequalities, and how to grow as future leaders. Our theme of Standing Together highlights the importance of networking in an inclusive and diverse way while addressing the collective efforts and experiences of our panelists and mentors and learning from each other.


Past Events 2022

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Building Power

Professional Workshop Series for Women in Health

While making up the overall majority in the field, women represent a stark minority in health leadership. According to the International Finance Corporation, 70% of 43 million of women undersell their skills and don’t aim for leadership positions. Additionally, in 2017 it was reported that close to half of all female respondents working in health care believed it would take 25 years or longer to achieve gender parity on the job. In spite of many research studies showing that women leaders in top management are linked to significantly increased profitability, it remains difficult for women to advance in health care organizations.


How can today's students prepare themselves to break the existing glass ceiling? EWIH has created Building Power to help you: we have a set of 3 distinct workshops hosted by healthcare leaders from diverse fields such as healthcare tech, healthcare law, and practicing physicians to help you in your interviews, mitigate issues of imposter syndrome, teach you how to build your portfolio and much more. Join us by attending Building Power for a stronger future.


Workshop 1: Expanding your Network 

Workshop 2: Taking Up Space 

Workshop 3: Showcasing Yourself

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