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Nutrition Month: How to Read Food Labels and Women's Nutritional Needs

Canada Nutrition Month, celebrated every March, helps to promote the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthier eating habits. Food is more than just nourishment - it unites us on many different occasions and helps to improve our health, prevent disease, and prolong our lives. But many people struggle to understand food labels and eat a balanced diet. This knowledge is particularly important for women, as we have specific nutritional needs at each stage of life.

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge about food labels and women's nutritional needs!

Want to talk about Healthy Eating? Here are some holistic ways to become more informed about your food!

  • Community Health Representatives – Representatives can help in making you more aware and connect you with Registered Dietitians.

  • Your community’s registered dietitians – Dietitians are informed on nutrition and healthy eating.

  • Community Members – Community members can help in hunting, gathering food and preparing traditional foods.

  • The NWT Northern Nutrition Association can assist in providing information on nutrition and healthy eating. Contact them at

  • The Territorial Nutritionist, Department of Health and Social Services, can aid in identifying resources and people to talk to. Contact them at or call 867-767-9064 ext. 49232.


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