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The Inspiring Work of Abrar Mechmechia

An advocate for mental health promotion and empowerment of marginalized women and youth, Abrar Mechmechia, is a dedicated mental health counsellor specializing in trauma counselling in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Born in Hamilton and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Abrar began volunteering in her community to provide trauma-informed mental health care when the civil war broke out. She has worked with many NGOs, including SOS, UNICEF, and UNHCR, during her time in Syria. Upon returning to Canada in 2017, Abrar continued her work as a mental health counsellor and made an impact at Thrive: Child and Youth Trauma, Wesley and Hatts Off.

Her passion for providing mental health services to marginalized populations, especially newcomers, refugees, and immigrants, led her to launch a virtual counselling platform called Abrar Trauma and Mental Health Services. She has also led a national mental health campaign called In This Together Campaign, which helps build a mental health post-pandemic recovery plan to support women, children, and youth impacted by COVID-19.

Abar’s continued resilience and efforts to empower those experiencing mental health issues have led her to be awarded the YWCA Hamilton’s 2021 Honourary Woman of Distinction! Her leadership in the field of mental health continues to inspire women to seek support and overall helps reshape the provision of mental health services.

Check out the video below to learn more about Abrar Mechmechia and her role as a leader in the mental health field!

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