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Women Researchers Receive Funding for New Studies

CBC News recently published the article “N.S. researchers receive nearly $1.5M to study impacts of COVID-19” to highlight how researchers from Nova Scotia received funding to conduct studies on how the pandemic is disproportionately affecting women, children, and equity-deserving groups.

The funding will be distributed to three teams of researchers in Nova Scotia and will be funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Janet Curran, one of the researchers who received funding, will focus on measuring the impact of COVID-19 measures on children and their families, in the hopes of better improving our response to future health emergencies.

One of the other researchers, Alexa Yakubovich, will focus on the impact of the pandemic on women. Specifically, her research will work to identify the best practices for responding to violence against women. Janice Graham is the third researcher to receive funding and hopes that her research will inform recommendations for more equitable Canadian healthcare governance post-pandemic.

These women are leading studies that will change how we handle future public health emergencies. Their research will help us understand the broader impact of the pandemic on women and other vulnerable populations.

Read the full article here: CBC news, 2022

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