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Interviews With Black Women Health Leaders

In Celebration of Black History Month, EWIH presents four interviews with four incredible leaders that are pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and inspiring the next generation - YOU - to create inclusive and representative environments in health leadership.

Many black women are in healthcare, but not enough are in leadership positions.

Black women continue to play a crucial role in our Canadian healthcare system. A 2016 Canada Statistics survey states that 33% of Black female workers were mostly concentrated in the health care and social assistance sector. That is 12% more than the employed female population.

A more recent 2020 survey suggests this number is still high today, with almost one-third (31.7%) of Black women employed in these sectors. Despite their incredible job helping communities, these healthcare workers are not being equitably reflected in senior and leadership positions within healthcare. Of the 19 board members of Canada’s Medical Association, there are currently 7 women, 0 of them being Black women. The most visible chief medical officers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada have been women. They have done an amazing job representing the importance of women in health leadership but... none of them are Black women.

In Canada, a lack of data undermines the true extent of underrepresentation that black females encounter in health leadership. This in turn translates in a lack of awareness & preparedness within the health community vis-a-vis black women’s health.

Without data, policy, and education surrounding black women’s particular health issues, we may end up hurting an important part of our community that we should be helping.

"It’s time for our system to change, and for Canadian health-care data and research to start reflecting the needs of the people who live here”
- Dr. Onye Nnorom, Family Doctor, Public Health & Preventive Medicine Specialist, and Black Health Theme Lead at the Faculty of Medicine’s MD Program.

Help us shine light to these disparities in the healthcare Industry and spreading awareness about female accomplishments! Start by listening to their stories: watch our interviews with powerful leaders below!

*Note: Sources: See sources and further readings page

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