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16 days of activism against gendered violence 2020

Day 16
  • Human Trafficking in the Pediatric Population in Canada | PedsCases

  • Screening for Human Trafficking in the Emergency Department | Faculty of Medicine (

  • Identifying Human Trafficking in the Emergency Department : BC Emergency Medicine Network (

  • Luring of girls into sex trade reaching 'epidemic' level, police say | CBC News

  • Human trafficking services and supports |

  • End Trafficking TO – City of Toronto

Day 15
  • Cyberviolence and Online Hate Against Women | Learn the Facts (

  • Cyber-Violence Against Women | BWSS with full report here: CyberVAWReportJessicaWest.pdf (

  • Why incels are a 'real and present threat' for Canadians | CBC News

Day 14
  •  Stopping Domestic Violence, a CBC News series looking at the crisis of intimate partner violence in Canada and what can be done to end it

  • Women, children turned away from shelters in Canada almost 19,000 times a month | CBC News

  • How this P.E.I. program helps women take back control after leaving abusive relationships | CBC News

  • 'Barriers' in Canada's legal system complicating fight to end domestic violence | CBC News

  • Making the links: Violence, trauma and mental health | Canadian Women's Health Network (

  • Catherine's Story - Safety Circles for Women in Crisis (

Day 13
  • Report on Violence Against Women, Mental Health and Substance Use - Canadian Women's Foundation

  • Making the links: Violence, trauma and mental health | Canadian Women's Health Network (

Day 12
  • Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability (CFOJA)

  • The history of the term ‘femicide’ | Femicide in Canada

Day 11
  • The Honourable Maryam Monsef MP

  • Gender-based violence and unwanted sexual behaviour in Canada, 2018: Initial findings from the Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces (

Day 10
  • Violence against female health workers is tip of iceberg of gender power imbalances

  • Violence Facing Health CARE Workers In Canada

  • Canada's chief medical officers put women's leadership in spotlight

Day 9 
  • The Obstetric Justice Project - Kate MacDonald

  • Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto - Sarah Wolfe

  • Obstetric violence - General Info

  • What is obstetric violence, and could it have happened to you?

  • The Giving Voice to Mothers study: inequity and mistreatment during pregnancy and childbirth in the United States

Day 8
  • Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence & Traumatic Brain Injury: Helping the Helpers by Addressing Gaps in Knowledge & Support : Under “Webinars” - by Dr. Angela Colantonio and Lin Haag

  • IPV & TBI

  • Domestic Violence-Related Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in Women

  • Mind Over Matter Magazine - By the Women's Brain Health Organization - Volume 10 pages 40-41

  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

Day 7
  • Women and HIV in Canada

  • HIV/AIDS on rise for Canadian women

  • Gender-Based Violence and HIV in Canada - WHAI

  • How one Jamaican organization is empowering adolescent girls living with HIV

  • Women lead to reduce the impact of HIV and gender-based violence in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Rape of individuals with disability: AIDS and the folk belief of virgin cleansing

  • Assessing the impact of mass rape on the incidence of HIV in conflict-affected countries

Day 6
  • LGBTQ2+ Youth Priorities for Addressing Gender- Based Violence

  • Canada: Discrimination and Violence against Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Women and Gender Diverse and Two Spirit People 

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer identified People and Mental Health

  • Maps   Maps of anti-LGBT Laws Country by Country

  • LGBTQ2+ Youth & Gender-Based Violence Report

  • Government of Canada Announces Funding to Support LGBTQ2 Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Day 5
  • Factsheet on Persons with Disabilities | United Nations Enable

  • Intersectionality as a modus operandi for violence against women work

  • Fighting for the rights of disAbled women

  • Violent victimization of women with disabilities, Canada Statistics

  • DAWN-RAFH :: Fact Sheet on Women with Disabilities and Violence

Day 4
  • Black women and sexual violence: visibility and  stigmatization (FR) : (Language: French)

  • Q&A: Author Robyn Maynard on Anti-Black Racism, Misogyny, and Policing in Canada

  • Roots and Resistance Webinar  is a webinar that will explore in depth conversations about the connections between sexual violence, state violence, and healing from collective and individual sexual abuse and trauma for Black survivors.

  • Pioneers long before #MeToo went viral: Intersectionality, Black Women and Sexual Violence (Bilingual) : Webinar by  Kharoll-Ann Souffrant (go to “Webinars”--> “Recordings of Past Sessions”--> “Oct.28”)

Day 3
  •  Shaya MacDonald Webinar: For their “Indigenous Womxn, Gender Equity During a Pandemic” 

  • Shaya MacDonald – On the Indian Act, Sex-Based Discrimination and Reconciliation

  • Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

  • "Indigenous women are preyed on at horrifying rates. I was one of them" by Brandi Morin 

Day 2
  • Helplines for women experiencing violence at home report dramatic increases in calls during COVID-19 pandemic

  • A Gender Lens on COVID-19: Pandemics and Violence against Women and Children

  • Calls to Canadian domestic violence helplines jump during pandemic

Day 1
  • Why gender-based violence is a public health issue


International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2020

  • Canadian Statistics on violence against women - Canadian Women's Foundation

  • Violence against women: an urgent public health priority - Bulletin of the World Health Organization


National Child Day 2020

  • Women Heroes of Child Health

  • Remembering the Female Clinicians Who Revolutionized Pediatric Cardiology

  • National Childs Day


World Diabetes Day 2020

  • Women in Diabetes - History

  • Diabetes has health effects unique to women

  • World Diabetes Day - Nurses make the difference


World Pneumonia Day 2020

  • Learn more about Lady Montagu

  • About "Stop Pneumonia" initiative


Other Readings

  • Celebrating 10 women medical pioneers

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