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Jaipreet Dhillon


Policy, Health Studies, Faculty of Health, York University

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi, my name is Jaipreet Dhillon, currently a Health Policy major at York University. I've always been interested to learn about policies in health care, the underlying issues and how to improve them. Gaining this knowledge has increased my passion to make a positive change in health care for women and minority groups.

I also love writing, particularly when it comes to storytelling and poetry! All in all my path is still slowly unfolding, but thankfully EWIH is making it easier to learn and grow with women that share similar desires.

Contact info

What are you excited to achieve during your time at EWIH?

I'm excited to be apart of an organization that wants to see women achieve their optimal potential and help take away the barriers for women in health. I want to inspire women by promoting female leaders in health of today that would serve as a positive example for them!

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