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Kiley Andrews

Growth Coordinator

Global Health, Faculty of Health, York University

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello all, I'm Kiley! In the spring of 2020, I graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Global and International Studies, specializing in global development with a minor in geography. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Health from York University in early 2022.

EWIH presents the unique ability to combine my interests in healthcare and health policy, along with equality and female empowerment. Joining EWIH has created an opportunity to work with and learn from a number of intelligent, driven, compassionate, inspiring women. While I hope to be able to use my education and experience to aid in some of the teams endeavors, I expect that I will learn much more from other members and the people we connect with than I could ever possibly offer in return.

Contact info

What are you excited to achieve during your time at EWIH?

I am excited to work with a group of driven and diverse young women! I hope to help build meaningful relationships with women in health and for EWIH to be a platform to boost their voices.

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