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Oluwafunmi Shodunke

Social media coordinator

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Specialized Honors in Global Health, Faculty of Health, York University

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Oluwafunmi Shodunke and I am passionate about building communities and connecting with people. I really value authentic and lasting connections which might explain why I enjoy reading and educating myself on topics such as conflict resolution and emotional intelligence in my spare time.

Being a part of EWIH has enabled me to fulfill that passion; building communities and also challenging myself as I get to learn and develop new skills on the job which is exciting for me as I love to learn new skills/things to improve myself emotionally, spiritually, physically and career wise.

Contact info

What are you excited to achieve during your time at EWIH?

I am excited to see the growth we are going to experience as an organization through the different empowering activities we are going to plan and utilizing our social media platform to spread our message to a larger audience.

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