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Susan Pinker: Canadian Psychologist and Writer Brings New Understandings to an Ever-Changing World

Susan Pinker studied psychology at McGill University and the University of Waterloo before working in clinical practice and teaching at Dawson College and McGill University for 25 years. She is best known as an inspirational writer who brings knowledge and understanding to an ever-changing online world. Her novels bring an alternative perspective to classrooms, workplaces, as well as social circles.

As a developmental psychologist, author, and Wall Street Journal social science columnist, she has had the opportunity to write for The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Times of London. She was also the author of a monthly column for The Globe and Mail and has conducted multiple TED Talks.

Her debut book, The Sexual Paradox, is about sex differences in the classroom and the workplace. It was published in 17 countries and won the William James Book Award in 2010. Her most recent novel, The Village Effect, is a persuasive argument for the importance of human-to-human interactions in a world where digital networks are increasingly common. It was a Canadian bestseller as well as an Apple non-fiction top selection for 2014. Translations of the book have been published in countries such as China, Turkey, Poland, and South Korea. Her writing has also been recognized by the Canadian Medical Association (2000), the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada (2002 and 2010), and the International Society for Intelligence Research (2014). She has been nominated for the John Alexander Media Award (2000), the Aventis Pasteur Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism (1999), the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award (2007), and the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction (2009).

Sources: The Lavin Agency

Susan Pinker

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