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TEDxYorkU 2021 Think Big Event

Speaker: Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano, EWIH Co-founder

"Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano is a recent Kinesiology and Health Science graduate at York University. A passionate social activist, she believes in the power of the community in tackling systemic barriers, and hopes to inspire fellow aspiring health professionals to take interest in creating a more representative environment in healthcare. Some of her interests lie in neurodevelopment, behavioural development, women’s health and in understanding health through social, political, economic, and historical lenses. 

Come hear her talk about how gender disparity is still rampant in Canadian health leadership, the effects it has on the broader population, and join the call to action as she explains how YOU can challenge yourself to foster change in your life and community. "


Women's leadership in health panel highlights International Women's Day

"An event for students to celebrate women in health and inspire change will run on March 12 in an online format and feature a panel of female leaders in the health field. [...] Empowering Women In Health (EWIH) is a student female-run team consisting of members from diverse backgrounds who share an unfaltering belief that regardless of educational, societal or biological background, health affects all of us, and thus, equal representation and unbiased treatment is crucial in this field."




VIBE 105to - Toronto's Urban Alternative Radio Station

Empowering Women In Health -  By Akilah James 

"While gender disparity in healthcare is a growing problem the Empowering Women in Health project is working to bring recognition to - it is a problem that is often swept under the rug in both mainstream media and research efforts overall. Women’s role in healthcare still goes heavily unnoticed even in a time where gender exclusion is heavily looked down"



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EXCALIBUR - York University Community Newspaper

Is COVID-19 the new war for women? - By Meenakshi Gopakumar, from Feminist Action

“Whether we realize it or not, we live in a gendered society brought up with societal biases of what women and men ‘should’ do. [...] says Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano, project director of the York organization Empowering Women in Health“Of course, there are exceptions, but studies show that women spend more time doing non-paid work for the household while men have advantages in the workplace, as seen by the persistent pay gap.”


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