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Tatiane Sant' Ana Coelho Reis

Growth Manager

PhD in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies, York University

Tell us a little about yourself

As a PhD student in Gender, Feminist and Women's studies, I am pursuing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to fight for social justice, especially in the Global South. Being African Brazilian, I am committed to channel efforts to make racialized women's contributions more visible inside and outside academic settings.

Joining EWIH means to support women to take appropriate care of their health, to be aware of the importance of their rights, to engage in community networks, and to participate in increasing their autonomy. 

Contact info

What are you excited to achieve during your time at EWIH?

I am excited to engage other students and female leaders in the community in pursuing gender equity in health issues. From my perspective, empowerment is collective, so I am willing to channel efforts, especially by supporting BIPOC women and establishing more partnerships (in public and private sectors) in the GTA.

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